Hi there! Today I’d like to talk to you about the Scentsy Compensation Plan. Understanding the Scentsy Compensation plan is your key to making sure that you get all the financial benefits out of your Scentsy business.

Before I show you the Compensation Plan and show you how to read it, I want you to understand a few terms.

 PRV (Personal Retail Volume)

The first term is your PRV, and that is your Personal Retail Volume. I like to think of that as the catalog price. For example, a warmer may be $20, warmer may be $35 and your PRV could be based on that amount. The only time it’s a little bit different is when you have a licensed product, like a Disney product, our charitable cause products or the baseball collection. Your PRV may differ just slightly from the catalog in those cases, just be aware of that. PRV is what our commissions are based on.

GWV and TWV (Group Wholesale Volume and Team Wholesale Volume)

The next terms to understand are Team Wholesale Volume (TWV) and Group Wholesale Volume (GWV). Now, those are two different things on the compensation plan, but until you become a Director they’re actually the exact same number and they’re calculated the same way. GVW and TWV are calculated by adding up all of the volume from you and everyone junior to you in your Scentsy business, and then subtracting out your commissions. Your wholesale volume is used to calculate your personal sales and your leadership bonuses.

Active Frontline Consultant

The last thing I want to talk to you about is Active Frontline Consultant. A frontline consultant is anyone that you have personally sponsored or someone that has rolled up to you. I’ve personally sponsored Heather, and I’ve also personally sponsored Melissa so they are my frontline consultants. An Active Frontline Consultant is somebody who has put in $200 in PRV in one month. So say, for example, Melissa decides this month she’s going take a little break and she has a $50 PRV month. Since Melissa did not have a $200 PRV month then she’s not considered active. Once Melissa places $200 in PRV in one month, then she becomes an active consultant and my Active Frontline Consultant.

The Compensation Plan

scentsy compensation plan

            We’ve talked about PRV, GWV and TWV together, and Active Frontline Consultant so now, let me show you the Compensation Plan. We are going start at the top left where it says Compensation Plan. And then next to that in rainbow colors it lists Scentsy Consultant titles: Essential Consultant, Certified Consultant, Lead Consultant, Star Consultant, Superstar Consultant, Director, Star Director and Superstar Director.

Monthly Responsibilities

Down on the column on the far left you see an orange block here that says monthly responsibilities: PRV, GWT, TWV, and Active Frontline Consultant.  Now, underneath that, look, there’s PRV like we discussed, GWV and TWV, and 1st Generation Director (which we haven’t yet discussed). Below that, Scentsy lays out all the rewards of hitting the monthly responsibilities. Yay!!

Finally, we get to the BIG reason why we need to understand the compensation plan! All those monthly rewards!

Monthly Rewards for Essential Consultants

When a consultant first joins Scentsy, he or she is an Essential Consultant. As you look down the monthly responsibilities column, you can see that there aren’t any PRV, TWV, GWV, or Generational Director requirements for an Essential Consultant in order to get their monthly rewards. An Essential Consultant simply has to place an order to get the monthly rewards of 20% commission!

Monthly Rewards for Certified Consultants

Just like an Essential Consultant, the Certified Consultant doesn’t have any PRV, TWV, GWV, or Generational Director requirements in order to get their monthly reward. Sweet!

There is one HUGE difference though! Following the monthly requirements column down you’ll see a big orange box that says, “Once you sell a thousand PRV you are Certified for life.” That means, once a Consultant has sold a total of $1000 PRV, the Consultant is promoted to Certified AND get’s a 5% pay raise!

Monthly Rewards for Lead Consultants

Let’s look at just one more title, Lead Consultants! When you look at the monthly requirements Colum for Lead Consultant, you can see that things have changed a bit! As a Lead Consultant you’re required to have a minimum of $500 PRV, $1000 GWV, zero TWV, and 1 Active Frontline Consultant.

But then, the monthly rewards change, too. You still get that 25% commission but now you also get a 2% bonus on your own sales, and you get a 2% leadership bonus on those junior to you that also are Essential or Certified consultants.

Congratulations! At only Lead consultant level you’ve already started earning bonuses with Scentsy.

Any questions?

When you’re looking at getting the maximum benefit from your Scentsy business, you really want to make sure that you understand the compensation plan. If you have any other questions CONTACT ME here and I’ll help you get what you need!

We are absolutely here for you and I appreciate you being a part of our business.

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