Top 5 Worries that Hold People Back from Scentsy

Most folks blow through $15 without putting much thought into it.
A quick review of my bank account shows that I spent more than $15 filling up my gas tank, for lunch at a mexican food restaurant, at an online retailer known for it’s speedy shipping, and buying deck stain at the hardware store.

So why is it that a $15 Scentsy Starter kit requires an agonizing dissection of ALL.THE.THINGS?

What’s holding you back? Do any of these things sound familiar?

Worry 1: Is selling Scentsy hard?

There are so many wonderful ways you can share and sell Scentsy! And, after over 10 years with Scentsy, I’ve probably done them all.

But here’s the for real answer to this ‘hard’ question:

If you’ve never been in sales for yourself before, then you are going to have to learn some new skills.

For some people, that is hard.

BUT…you’ve learned to read, write, walk, and talk. I believe that you have what it takes to learn how to sell Scentsy.

We’ll do it together!

Worry 2: Will there be support from Scentsy and my sponsor?

I get it. The idea of starting something new and then being left to fend for yourself is intimidating! I am here for you for every phase of your business. I make a point of working closely with my new consultants through their first 70 days and I am available for support no matter how long you’ve been a consultant.

If for some reason I’m not available, Scentsy has a wonderful Training Center, back office, and an award-winning consultant support team. The Training Center and back office are available to you 24/7.

Worry 3: Will my family and friends support me?

Oooff. This is always a SCARY question. No one wants to be rejected, come off as pushy, or alienate people…particularly if those people are your closest connections.

When I first got started with Scentsy, I only had 3 people at my party AND I had no idea where to move on from that first show.

Thankfully, I have learned sooooo much from those days. If you’re willing to learn a few new skills, I can help you reach your goals in a way that’s comfortable for you. Check out my article <here> on how I grew my business organically and authentically.

Worry 4: What about Scentsy sales requirements?

To maintain an active account with Scentsy, you need to place just one $200 order every 4 months. That just 4-6 people who order once every 4 months OR you can place one large order yourself!
When we are working together to overcome obstacles, $200 every 4 months will be very manageable.

Worry 5: Will a Scentsy business interfere with my government benefits?

Each state and case are different. If you’d like me to help you look into your specific state requirements, please send me a chat or message me here: Contact

Bonus Worry: What if Scentsy just isn’t for me?

You have 4 months to decide if Scentsy is right for you. If after 4 months you aren’t where you’d hoped to be, you can just walk away. Scentsy does not penalize people for choosing a different path. You get to keep your entire starter kit with no reprisal.

Did my Top 5 Worries that Hold People Back from Scentsy address your concerns? If not, Contact me so we can chat about it!

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