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Scentsy Candle Bars and Warmers

Where Scentsy began!
Clean Breeze…Where it all started for me! This fresh and clean scent was the first ever candle bar I warmed in my home. I’m sure that’s why my neighbor said it smelled like I had been cleaning in my home when I hadn’t! I played it safe with my first ever warmer and ordered the Classic Green warmer. It looked just like the Classic Satin Black warmer below but it was a lovely shade of green. I encourage you to embrace your inner home decorator and find the warmer that’s perfect for your taste. Since my hubby accidentally broke our Classic Green, we have branched out to the Ocean Mosaic and the Colors of the Rainbow. Beautiful!

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Scentsy Fresh

Fabric freshener extraordinaire!
Oh…My…Goodness! I have two kids, two dogs, and an active husband. I didn’t even know what I was missing until I started using Scentsy Fresh. I spray Scentsy Fresh in Odor Out on all my carpets, sofa, and curtains to help eliminate infamous dog and kid scents. My favorite way to use this is on our comforters. I hang the comforters up and spray them with Scentsy Fresh in . The comforters get aired out and freshened up without a trip to the cleaners!

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Scentsy Go and Fragrance Pods

Anywhere you want to GO!
I recently sent a Scentsy Go and Christmas Cottage Pods to my brother overseas. He’s in the Army and his living quarters can get quite stuffy and a bit smelly. Thanks to the Scentsy Go and Christmas Cottage, he can have a little fragrance of home without worrying about breaking health and safety rules. Since the Go is battery operated, he can just use his cell phone charger to give it a little more ‘juice’ and the Pods last a whopping 240 hours…which means he won’t run out between care packages!

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Buddy Clips

Fun fragrance for kids and for kids at heart!
My kids absolutely adore Buddy Clips! Sure, the kids are a little older, but they hang the clips in their lockers so they have the best smelling lockers in the school. Me, I have one on the dashboard of my car! Buddy Clips also make an excellent fundraiser for all kinds of causes and organizations. Here are two of my favorites:

STELLAAAAAAAAAA the Unicorn (ala A Street Car Named Desire) and Pep!

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