Hi! I'm Sharon

Here's a little about me and my life with Scentsy!

Hi and Welcome! I’m your Sharon Warshaw, your Independent Scentsy Consultant. Back in the summer of 2009, my husband was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army and I was home raising our two toddlers. 

To keep ourselves entertained, my friends (aka my Village) and I would have all kinds of home business parties. One evening, I was going around the neighborhood inviting the neighbors to my latest party when a friend asked me:

“Have you ever heard of Scentsy?”

That simple question was the first step on a fantastic journey.

No, I had never heard of Scentsy but I was instantly taken with the fragrances. The first scent I ever warmed was Clean Breeze. I remember having a friend come over and not letting her come all the way in the house. I asked her to stand there, take a deep breath, and tell me what it smelled like.

She matter of factly answered “Like you’ve been cleaning?”

And I replied “No! I haven’t!”

Looking back, it’s funny that I would take such pride in NOT cleaning my home but it was that powerful moment that convinced me of the quality of Scentsy fragrance.

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Long Lasting Friendships

Scentsy’s fantastic products speak for themselves. What you don’t see when you flip through a beautiful Scentsy catalog is the special relationships Consultants form as they grow in their businesses. When a person decides to start a business with Scentsy, it’s a bit like joining a new family. When I attended my first Scentsy event in Louisville, KY in 2009, I met a fun lady named Tiffany. She and I still keep in touch!

Over the years, I’ve helped over 100 people find joy, have amazing new experiences, and enjoy the recognition they deserve as they find success in their business.

I would LOVE to have you on my team. There is no other company that takes care of you like your Scentsy Family and I will take care of you.

My Happy Place

Scentsy is my Happy Place and it can be yours, too! From day one, Scentsy and me will help you feel welcome, supported, and excited for the journey ahead.



You’ll have questions and that’s ok! I’m here to help you find the answers you need, when you need them! You can start asking me your questions NOW in the comment box below.

Products you LOVE!

Everyone gets excited about our beautiful warmers and fabulous fragrances. You’ll LOVE to introduce your family and friends to our Clean and Body line, too!

Incentive Trips

I earned my first incentive trip with Scentsy in 2010. Scentsy sent me on an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Hard Rock Casino and Resort in the Dominican Republic. Of course, my husband was deployed again, so I went with my BSF (Best Scentsy Friend).

The trip was absolutely amazing and changed my life. That sounds so cliché, I know! After that trip, I vowed to never miss another trip again, which completely changed my dedication to Scentsy and how I worked.

Family Trips

That trip also changed how I see vacations with my family. As a military family, up until then, we had used all our vacation time to visit family. We LOVE our family! Don’t misunderstand me! This trip taught me that my family and I could and should use our vacations to visit new, awesome places and make our own memories. Thanks to my new dedication to my business, we could afford to!

Since then, we visited as a family Corpus Christi, TX, Tampa, FL, Washington D. C., and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We’re currently planning a trip to New York, NY and looking forward to many more trips together.

At first I was terrified of becoming a Scentsy Consultant! Not because of Scentsy but because of my low confidence! I shared my feelings with Sharon Warshaw, who is now my upline. We had some deep conversations just with life in general and it made me feel good and I decided to just jump out of my shell and try being a consultant! There are still times where I’m a little nervous talking in front of groups of people I don’t know. But thanks to Sharon and Scentsy I’m overcoming that fear. Whenever I have my down moments, Sharon to the rescue! She is amazing at what she does! Sharon is always there to help! Along with our amazing team! I love you Sharon! Xoxox

JoAnna R.

Certified Consultant

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