Hi and welcome to another Scentsy Scent of the Month Review!

This month, I’d like to review Amber Hollow.

But First the Disclaimer

**Everyone’s nose is different. What appeals to me might not appeal to you and vice versa. My reviews are based on my ‘nose’ after warming this scent for two hours.**

And also, a reminder about Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale:
5-This is FAB! Something maybe bumped from my Favs list!
4-Very nice! This is definitely going in the family’s rotation.
3- It’s ok. I’ll give this to the kids and see if they want to warm it in their rooms.
2- This is a nice scent but it reminds me of <insert awkward memory>
1- No. Just… no.

My Thoughts on Amber Hollow

The catalog description reads:

“Clove leaf, cardamom, and dark amber spice up a warm cedarwood base.”

Amber Hollow begins to usher in the Fall/Winter season. Picture this…you are sitting by a roaring fire on a crisp fall afternoon. You’ve got a cup of hot spiced cider in your and (spiked or not is up to you!) and you’ve settled under a cozy blanket to watch the sun set through the leaves. THAT is what Amber Hollow smells like to me. I was expecting the cedar to be to sharp for me but it’s delightfully balanced by the familiar cinnamon and sweet clove.

I give this scent a 4 on the Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale. My husband loved it as a scent that is warm and spicy without seeming like I was cooking a particular food, like cookies or a spice cake. The kids thought it was a bit different from what we normally warm in our open and airy home.

Fragrance Family Recommendations

People who love fruit scents like Clove and Cinnamon, Painted Leaves, Cedar Cider, and Red Cedar and Sage will love Amber Hollow.

People who love fruity and floral scents, like Perfectly Pomegranate, Go-Go Mango, and Shimmer will want to steer clear of Amber Hollow.

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