Hi and welcome to another Scentsy Product Review: June 2018 Scent, Watermelon Wave!

But first, the disclaimer:

**Everyone’s nose is different. What appeals to me might not appeal to you and vice versa. My reviews are based on my ‘nose’ after warming this scent for two hours.**

And also, a reminder about Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale:

5-This is FAB! Something maybe bumped from my Favs list!

4-Very nice! This is definitely going in the family’s rotation.

3- It’s ok. I’ll give this to the kids and see if they want to warm it in their rooms.

2- This is a nice scent but it reminds me of <insert awkward memory>

1- No. Just… no.

Watermelon Wave

The catalog description reads:

“Ride a riptide of watermelon, sparking citrus and tart Mexican lime. “

No matter how you feel about the scent of watermelon, its really hard not to hear the name “Watermelon Wave” and not get excited about summer. Just opening the clam shell, I think: yummy watermelon margarita. Of course, it’s missing the strong scent of tequila but that’s ok! I really don’t want my home smelling like a bar! Haha! The scent isn’t over powering and is a GREAT summertime scent that just makes ‘sense’. Did you just cut up a watermelon or is that your Scentsy? Only YOU will know!

Much like Grapefruit Sunshine in May 2018, I give this scent a 3 on the Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale. It’s a nice scent for the season but I don’t see myself choosing to re-warm it once I’m done with the bar. The kiddos LOVED this scent! They noticed it right away and I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck a cube up to their rooms. My daughter said it reminded her of watermelon gum!

Who would love it?

People who love fruit scents like Perfectly Pomegranate, Coastal Strawberry, and Kahiko Hula will love Watermelon Wave.

Who should steer clear?

People who love strong, clean scents like Lemon Verbena, Just Breathe, and Persian Lime and Sandalwood will want to steer clear of Watermelon Wave.

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Watermelon Wave

Many Happy Scents! We’ll see you next month!

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