Hey, everyone. This is Sharon from scentswithsharon.com where I like to show you all things awesome about Scentsy. I wanted to show you our February 2018 Scents and Warmer of the month and do a quick product review for you.  I like to unbox these with you guys. I like to get my box and then show it off, so you can see my first reaction, but honestly, my kid got into it.

I love her to death!  She’s very, very exciting.

Let me show you just what comes in the kit first and then I’ll tell you what I think about it. We’ve got our Plum and White Woods Scentsy bar. This is our fragrance of the month right here, and we get nine of these bars in our scent of the month kit. Then we get a room spray and, this my favorite part right here because they’re the gifts that keep on giving, our party tester.This is what I take to home shows, like when I go to people’s homes and I demonstrate Scentsy.

Super fun! Then our little mini tester. Mini testers are super fun because then my Scentsy customers can take them. You can see that by the size of them, there is quite a bit of a difference in the size, so these are the ones I take to people’s homes and really hold onto, and these are the ones that I let people take out. They can take all of the scents that are currently available on Scentsy and they can collect orders for their hosts themselves to get free and half price items, so that’s awesome.

Again, in the kit, we also get 50 scented warmer of the month fliers, and we get 72 rub and smell stickers. I love these. I get to share them with you guys.

All right. Our Warmer of the Month this month is called Once in a Lifetime. It’s so cute. Once in a Lifetime, but here, I’m going to show you this even before I show you the warmer. It says,

“Legacy is about living a life that shows others their true potential.” -Heidi.

Isn’t that so sweet? I love that, and there are inside a lot of the boxes, different sayings. I just love them. Okay, let’s look at … I guess I have the warmer here. Let’s show you this real fast. It is this beautiful orchid color. It is rectangular, and it’s an element warmer.

This LOVE right here in front, this reminds me of the LOVE sign in New York City, and since I was just in New York City with my family in December, this really gives me flashbacks. People who might love this warmer in your life are going to be young ladies, young women, ages, say, like, I don’t know, 12 to 30-ish, somebody who’s maybe still in the dorm. Maybe somebody who’s very fashion-forward.

I love the metallics on this. They’re absolutely beautiful. This color is on trend and I have this … With the element part of it here, it could go really well in an area where you maybe don’t want to see a lot of light, like in a bedroom or an office space where you want that subtle fragrance. That’s what I always think of with the element warmers, is that they really go for the element of subtle, which is interesting because it has the metallic LOVE on the front of it but it is a beautiful LOVE that should be shown off.


Let me talk to you a little bit about Plum and White Woods. Actually, let’s read the description before we smell the smells. If I remember correctly, sweet raspberry preserves and damson plum leaves through vanilla orchid. That sounds lovely and floral, let’s see. Mm-hmm (affirmative), Plum and White Woods.

Just like you would imagine with something called White Woods, it’s very clean, and then with a scent like plum it’s subtly sweet. We’re talking like, light, clean, floral, feminine, fruity with the plum and the raspberries. The raspberries, I think, add a little bit of a sharp note to keep it from being too flat.

Okay, so, long time Scentsy fans, if you love Honeymoon Hideaway, if you love Satin Sheets, if you love Atlantic Air, if you loved scents like Duchess or Cherished or Love and Happiness, you are going to absolutely love this Plum and White Woods. There you go, that’s our Scent and Warmer of the Month for February 2018. Talking about the Once in a Lifetime Warmer, and the Plum and White Woods fragrance bar. These are available through my website starting February 1st. I’ll put the link in the description box below. If you’d like to pre-order these, I can pre-order them for you at any time.

Thank you so much for watching this Scentsy product review and I appreciate your feedback, so if you have any comments or suggestions of things that you’d like to see me review in the future, I will happily take your order. If you’d like to learn a little more about our monthly Scent and Warmer of the month Kits, drop me a line below. All right, thank you so much and have a great day.

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