Do you have a  Crazy, Hot-Mess Life?

Do you love FREE and half-price goodies?

Then a Scentsy Facebook Party may be just what you need to get all the Scentsy you love at the best price possible!

What is a Scentsy Facebook party you ask? Read on for all the details!

Crazy Hot Mess Life

What is a Facebook party?

A Facebook Scentsy party is a lot like having a party at home. We’ll gather in one place at the same time, I’ll show off my favorite Scentsy products, and, if your friends decide they’d like to purchase, you’ll get credit! You can also convert your Facebook party into a business starter party and get your business starter kit at a discount!

The key differences are:

  • Instead of your living room, we’ll be in a Facebook Group. BONUS: No cleaning up after the kiddos or pants for you! I mean, if that sort of thing appeals to you…
  • People can pop in and out as they please. That one friend who’s always late can be as late as she likes! The one exception is the day I go ‘live’. You’ll really want to be there when I’m ‘live’! That’s when I show off the most requested products, take live questions, and play games that EVERYONE will want in on <wink, wink>.
  • You get to pick what I show off!  If I have it, you can see it!
  • A typical Facebook party only lasts 7-10 days.
  • Once you place your order through my website, it processes and ships immediately!

What do you need to have a Facebook party?

You only need to have a few key things to host a Facebook party:

  • A Facebook account.
  • A few minutes a day to check in with your friends to make sure they are taking advantage of all the party has to offer.
  • Be online during the ‘live’ showcase.
  • A love of fragrance and FREE. After all, you could earn Scentsy for FREE and half-price!Facebook connects people

What’s in it for you?

You mean, besides the FREE and half-price Scentsy yumminess?* This is an awesome opportunity to take a break from daily life, catch up with your friends and family, have a new experiences, and share often heartwarming scent stories.

You MIGHT just find that having a business where you can have fun and make people happy is something that appeals to you. If that happens, you can turn the party into a business starter party!

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be introducing me to your people and I really, really appreciate that!  I feel like you’ve entrusted me to take care of your family and friends when you introduce me to them.  Your referral is your greatest compliment! My business thrives on support from generous people like you.

I get to see your family and friends experience joy as they discover a new scent, or an old and special memory comes to life. Scentsy is an industry leading product that I adore sharing with others.

And of course, I earn a commission on each sale your friends and family decide to make! I truly have the best ‘job’!

Are you ready to host your own Facebook party? Contact me on Facebook today to get started!

*Check out how to qualify for free and half-price Scentsy Here

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