Hi and welcome to another Scentsy Scent of the Month Review! This month, I’d like to show off yummy Butter Pecan.

But first, the disclaimer

**Everyone’s nose is different. What appeals to me might not appeal to you and vice versa. My reviews are based on my ‘nose’ after warming this scent for two hours.**

And also, a reminder about Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale:
5-This is FAB! Something maybe bumped from my Favs list!
4-Very nice! This is definitely going in the family’s rotation.
3- It’s ok. I’ll give this to the kids and see if they want to warm it in their rooms.
2- This is a nice scent but it reminds me of <insert awkward memory>
1- No. Just… no.

My thoughts on Butter Pecan

And now, I give you, Butter Pecan! The catalog description reads:

“If fall had a flagship fragrance, this blend of candied pecan and maple folded with butter would be a strong contender “

I LOVED Butter Pecan ice cream when I was a kid and I was curious to see if Butter Pecan smelled anything like it. Nope! It’s so much better! Butter Pecan is all about that delightful fall/winter baking. It reminds me of a warm, buttered, pecan scone. To me, there is subtle pastry scent along with the lightly sweet fragrance of maple. Unlike most ‘baking’ scents, there isn’t a strong cinnamon presence to make this fragrance truly unique.

Unfortunately, I’m giving the scent a 2 on Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale. There is truly nothing wrong with this scent! It didn’t give me an awkward memory in any case! lol In my family, we just prefer stronger fragrance and this scent is light. My husband didn’t comment on it at all and my daughter just shrugged when I asked her what she thought.

Light doesn’t mean it doesn’t last! My husband left the warmers on overnight and I woke-up to the most delightful combination of Butter Pecan and fresh brewed coffee. Oh My Goodness Y’all! I’m going to get another cup of coffee just to relive that moment!

(By the way, if you’ve ever struggled changing your wax, check out my article on How to Change Scentsy Wax)

Fragrance Family Recommendations

People who love fruit scents like Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Cozy Chai, and Sugar Cookie will love Butter Pecan.

People who prefect scents with a strong presence, like Christmas Cottage, Amber Hollow, and Very Snowy Spruce will want to steer clear of Butter Pecan.

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Thank you for reading my review!! What are your favorite fall fragrances? Let me know below!

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