Hi and welcome to another Scentsy Scent of the Month Review! This month, I’d like to review Be Merry.

**Everyone’s nose is different. What appeals to me might not appeal to you and vice versa. My reviews are based on my ‘nose’ after warming this scent for two hours. See my scent rating scale below**

The catalog description for Be Merry reads:

“Joy abounds in pine boughs dotted with holly leaf and cassis “

My knee jerk reaction about Be Merry was: The Holidays have arrived! Be Merry reminds me of a when I was a kid and we would actually string cranberries and hang them our live tree. My mom would pop popcorn, fill a bowl with fresh cranberries, and my younger brother and I would sit in front of the tree making patterns on the string. My favorite was always 3 pieces of popped corn for every 1 cranberry.

The kids don’t have the same memories I have of this particular scent combination but they both liked this scent. My daughter said it smells “fresh” and my boys didn’t notice it…so I’m going to claim that as a win, lol.

Needless to say, Be Merry has been bumped my personal Favs list! It’s a 5!

Fragrance Family Recommendations

People who love fresh holiday scents like Cranberry Garland, Very Snowy Spruce, and Holly Berry Cinnamon will love Be Merry.

People who prefer sweet scents, like Apple Butter Frosting, Butter Pecan and Honey Pear Cider may not enjoy Be Merry.

(See my review of Butter Pecan here)

A reminder about Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale:

5-This is FAB! Something maybe bumped from my Favs list!

4-Very nice! This is definitely going in the family’s rotation.

3- It’s ok. I’ll give this to the kids and see if they want to warm it in their rooms.

2- This is a nice scent but it reminds me of <insert awkward memory>

1- No. Just… no.

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