The #1 question I get asked as a Consultant is: How to change Scentsy wax?

Legit question!

No doubt, when you first gazed into your first fragrant pool of liquid wax, you felt the way I used to feel: intimidated!

How in the world was I supposed to get the wax out?

What do I do with it once it’s out?

No worries! Here’s a few ways to change wax that’s so easy, I let my kids do it.

How to change Scentsy wax when it’s liquid

  1. Grab some cotton balls and set them in the warmer dish while the wax is liquid. A good rule of thumb is one cotton ball per cube of melted wax. If you have 3 cubes in your dish, grab 3 cotton balls!
  2. Toss the now soaked cotton in the trash. If you’re changing your scents, wipe the dish one more time with a paper towel just to get the remaining wax from the dish.
  3. Drop in your new wax!

Tip: sometimes we get a little carried away with our wax and drop a few to many cubes in the dish. When that happens, the wax might be RIGHT at the top and dropping a cotton ball in the wax might be the WRONG thing to do. Instead, shut your warmer off and follow the steps below to change your Scentsy wax.

How to change Scentsy wax when it’s solid

  1. Turn your Scentsy warmer on for about 5 minutes. You want the wax to start melt in the bottom of the dish but not  completely melt. I usually set a timer on my phone or on the microwave since I usually wander off to do something else pretty quickly.
  2. Use your finger or a paper towel to put a little pressure on the wax along the edge of the dish. The whole piece of wax should easily pop up.
  3. Move the wax out to the trash and wipe your dish out once more with a cotton ball.
  4. Drop in you new wax!

Save that still-fragrant Scentsy wax!

Now what about when you’ve just changed your wax but your best friend is coming over and you want to warm her favorite scent, or maybe your mother-in-law is coming over and you want to remind her of her birthday dinner last week with the scent you were warming then. You need to change that wax but you JUST dropped that cube in!

Bottom line, you don’t have to waste that fresh, lovely wax! Use the solid wax technique and store your wax in resealable bag a cool, dark place until you are ready to use it again!

And you’re done! No spills, no drama, and, of course, fabulous fresh fragrance! Are you ready for a few more scents? Check out my shop here.


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