Hi and welcome to another Scentsy Scent and Warmer of the Month Review! This month we’ll review Grapefruit Sunshine scent and Pack Your Bags warmer.

Pack Your Bags

Let’s start with Pack Your Bags. According to Scentsy, “Stamped with a funky seaside scene from a bygone era, Pack Your Bags, will whisk revelers away to the perfect postcard moment.” The warmer uses a 20W light bulb and is designated a ‘Glow’ warmer.

Indeed, this super-cute warmer looks like the perfect black and white seaside scene from the 1940’s or ’50s when it is turned off. Turn it on, and that same seaside image takes on a different, but no less adorable, sepia toned vibe. This warmer is perfect for people who love the beach, 50’s memorabilia, and the Beach Boys!

Grapefruit Sunshine

But first the disclaimer:

**Everyone’s nose is different. What appeals to me might not appeal to you and vice versa. My reviews are based on my ‘nose’ after warming this scent for two hours.**

And also, a reminder about Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale:

5-This is FAB! Something maybe bumped from my Favs list!
4-Very nice! This is definitely going in the family’s rotation.
3- It’s ok. I’ll give this to the kids and see if they want to warm it in their rooms.
2- This is a nice scent but it reminds me of <insert awkward memory>
1- No. Just, no.

With all that said, we can move on to discussing Grapefruit Sunshine. The catalog description reads:

“Follow brisk citrus, pink grapefruit, and subtle vanilla to a brighter place. “

This is a light citrus scent that moves away from ‘cleaner’ and more towards and almost berry-fruity scent that could be used as a fun, fresh summer scent. The grapefruit scent warms off fairly quickly.

I give this scent a 3 on the Sharon’s Scent Rating Scale. It’s a nice scent for the season but I don’t see myself choosing to re-warm it once I’m done with the bar. I accidently typed the name of this scent as ‘Grapefruit Smoothie’ at one point <oops!> I feel like that may have been a very appropriate Freudian Slip! The kiddos LOVED this scent! They noticed it right away and I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck a cube up to their rooms.

People who will love it are people who love scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Apricot Vanilla, and Blue Grotto.
People who won’t love it are people who love strong, fresh scents like Clean Breeze, Just Breathe, and White Tea and Cactus.

Ready to get your own Grapefruit Sunshine or a bit of beachy fun with Pack Your Bags?  Check out my online store HERE.

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