Do you consider yourself shy? Have you moved recently? Or maybe you’re just feeling disconnected from your community? Any of these things can make owning a Scentsy business intimidating. I’ve been there! Let’s talk about how to create community connections to grow your business authentically.

When I decided to open my Scentsy business, I was relatively new to my community (yay military moves!) and social media hadn’t yet taken off. We were very much still living in an era of phone calls and emails to keep in touch.

I remember even asking my Mom to forward an email to her friends and our family to announce my grand opening. She promptly responded:

“Do it yourself!”

Here are a just a few ways I’ve met wonderful new people, built strong connections in my community, and grown my Scentsy business over the years.

Offer Fundraisers

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

It seems counterintuitive to consider fundraisers as a way to grow a business…but hear me out.

Fundraisers are a wonderful way to connect with causes you care about and meet people who share your values and concerns. Most small non-profit organizations welcome motivated fundraisers.

Are you an animal advocate? Put together a fundraising program and share it with non-profit animal rescues and shelters in your local community. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a cause that inspires you and meet new people as the local Scentsy Consultant all at the same time!

Share your Time

 “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  –Anne Frank

Volunteering is one of those beautiful things that does so much more than give the gift of time. You get the opportunity to socialize, build community, you develop a sense of purpose, and make new friends!

Just like fundraising, volunteer with an organization or a for a cause you authentically care about. I’m deeply involved in my children’s education so it’s always made sense that I’ve volunteered in their schools, with their sports teams, and clubs. As a result, I’ve developed relationships with their teachers and administrators that often leads to an interest in Scentsy.

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity (Scentsy’s 2017-2018 Charitable Cause), the Red Cross, national parks, food pantries, political campaigns, your children’s schools, your own congregation, and retirement homes are all wonderful places to volunteer.

Join a Club or Organization

“As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.” –Adam Neumann

Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and do whatever you enjoy doing most. You absolutely can do that and meet a few people in the meantime.

As with my other suggestions, authenticity is KEY here! I once joined a bowling league at an acquaintance’s urging even though I knew I wasn’t a huge bowling fan. The result was I only attended practice sporadically, I had a negative attitude during games, and quit the second the bowling season was over. I also didn’t make any lasting friendships.

Are you a reader? Perhaps there are some book clubs in your area that you’d enjoy joining. Check at your congregation or the local library for established book clubs. If that doesn’t work, consider starting one for yourself.

Library bulletin boards, YMCA bulletin boards, community newsletters, community apps, and Facebook pages are all good sources of information on local clubs and organizations. Do a quick search for “Knitting in my area” and see what wonderful resources pop up!

Connect with Me

Thank you for reading through these few tips. If you’d like a few more personalized ideas on how to create community connections to grow contact me here and we can chat!

While your reading up on Scentsy, check out my article: Is Selling Scentsy Worth It?

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