Well, well, well. Would you look at that!

It looks like Scentsy is offering another $15 Starter Kit special!

That must mean it’s completely worth it, right???

Before you decide if the $15 Starter kit is “worth it”, you’ll need to ask yourself:

What am I looking for in a Scentsy Business starter kit?

You could be looking for:

  • Kit value…you just want what’s in the kit.
  • Future purchases at a discount…you just want to get what you want, when you want, without hunting down a consultant
  • Income potential…you’d like to actually make a few bucks. Maybe get your kit cost back and then pay for a night out once a month.

$15 Scentsy Starter Kit contents

$15 join kit

The kit contains $26 in product and over $60 in consultant support materials!

Even if you NEVER touch the consultant support materials, you’ll get the $26 in goodies and the ability to purchase anything else you’d like at a 20% commission. More on that next!

Future purchases at a discount

Using Scentsy’s compensation plan (Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan) and Host Reward program, we can see that a single $200 order results in:

  • $40 in commissions
  • 2 half-price items
  • $20 in free product.

That’s an amazing return on a one-time $15 investment! After purchasing the $15 starter kit, you’ll have access to the Scentsy back office 24/7 to make purchases as you please.

Income potential

Of course there is income potential with Scentsy! Consultants can make anywhere from 20%-30% on all sales/personal purchases, plus personal and leadership bonuses.

Beyond the actual income to be earned, I LOVE all the different ways a consultant can earn income with Scentsy. My Scentsy friends earn their income with:

  • Home shows
  • Catalog/Basket parties
  • Online/Social Media events
  • Online/Social Media advertisement
  • Fundraisers
  • Fairs/Vendor events
  • One on one sales
  • Business to business sales

And so much more!

Hopefully those 3 major reasons Scentsy’s $15 Starter Kit is an amazing value. However, if you have more questions, please reach out to me HERE.

Something still holding you back? Check out the Top 5 Worries that Hold People Back from buying a $15 Starter Kit HERE.

Scentsy’s Income Disclosure

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